So, is there a way to log myself out of my e-mail from a different computer?

I went to my mother's this weekend and used her computer to check my e-mail. I forgot to log it off before i left. now she is checking it and DELETING e-mails, granted, they are ones i usually delete anyhow, but that's not the point. what i am asking is: Is there a way i can log it off from my computer so she gets booted? it's a hotmail account if that helps.


Of course you can, just go to your account on your own computer and log out.

Once logged out, your mother will only see the log on page.


I`m almost certain but you`ve got me thinking now, just going to text my daughter and ask her to log into my mail on her laptop, then I`ll log out on mine and let you know how it goes.


Daughter logged in, then I logged out, she couldn`t get back in without user name and password even when I logged back in.


yes , log onto your account from the other comp and follow instructions


Best way I can think of is to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD to your email account.

By changing your password, the saved password that is on your mother's computer won't work anymore so she shouldn't be able to log back in.

Hope that helps.