Is it bad for your computer to have more then one type of virus security?

Is it bad for your computer to have more then one type of virus security?


>>is it bad for your computer to have more then one type of virus security?<<

Yes. It is bad. However, you can use multiple malware/adware/spyware scanners along with an anti-virus.

>>would iobit and avg work good together? or should I delete one of them?<<

No, they won't work well together. You should delete the AVG since AVG isn't a very good anti-virus (assuming that you have the free version, the paid version isn't bad).

If you want a free anti-virus, avast! and Avira are both much better than AVG.

avast! (use only one anti-virus) >…

Avira (use only one anti-virus) >

For additional protection, you can go with both of these. They should work perfectly with any single anti-virus.

MalwareBytes >

SuperAntiSpyware >…



Yes. The only 2 that I know of that are compatible with each other are AVG and Malware bytes.


Yes. Antivirus software collide with each other. In general it's a bad idea to run multiple AV programs.


only if they are both running at the same time only install 1 have the setup for a second 1 saved. if you need the second one uninstall the first and install the second


colliding AV isn't fun to fix.

I do run Malwarebytes in conjunction with AV products, it is different thing.. AV products often fail to address the worst of the lot, Malwarebytes is stricting scanning for known Malware/Spyware, we AV look for known viruses, they are two separate and distinct types of infection however Malware can often payload viruses..

I've found you can't deal with he virus without dealing with the delivery boy 1st.


No. It's highly recommend that only one antivirus program be installed on your computer. If you're dissatisfied with the antivirus program you currently have installed i suggest that it be uninstalled, and a new antivirus program installed. Having more than one antivirus on the computer can cause a number of different issues. Often the most common issue being a confliction between the different antivirus programs causing your computer to become unprotected.

Although i only recommend one antivirus program on the computer, it's more than acceptable to have one ore more spyware or malware protection programs on the computer in addition to an antivirus scanner.