Is XNXX a safe site to surf?

i don't want any viruses.... i have Norton, but i don't want to risk anything. Norton says its fine, but you never know


Generally, it is safe. Most of the videos are streamed from another site (xvideos). As long as you don't click on any other links, you should stay relatively safe. However, these sites may change "ownership" at any time, and become unsafe without you knowing it - so be careful.

If you run firefox, load "NoScript" - it will block the other sites (you will have to allow xvideos as well as xnxx)


Sure don't sound like it. Never trust those free porn sites.


Porn Sites are littered with virus's stay away.


i haven't had any problems with it but get a better anti-virus than Norton, Norton is horse ****


theres better stuff out there. give a try. no viruses at all. click sexy videos


Well, it's not safe at work! But apart from that, no problem.


Dont listen to him ive been using that site since i was 12 ive never had a problem and honesly its the best xxx site out there.


It's safe as long as you don't click on the external sites like you see on the sides and cam sites and etc. Just stick to the video clips, you're safe and start slapping the monkey furiously.