How can I add songs in CD-R?

I wanted to add songs to make my own CD. I wanted to know how do you add songs in a CD-R.


there are several ways you can do it.if you want an audio cd than you need have cd burning software like Nero. you can insert blank cd in the cd writer open Nero select "Audio Cd" than browse for the songs you want to add and burn. while adding songs you can see the indicator showing you space available on disk which will help you while adding the songs once the disk is full the indicator will advance into red area.

if you make audio cd you can add few songs may be maximum a dozen. but if you just copy the songs (if they are mp3) directly on the cd than use " direct to disc" or "copy disc "feature where you can add the songs as files. you can add more than hundred songs with this method.

if you want to add songs from an audio cd than first you need to have cd ripping software like "sound forge" where the songs will be converted either in mp3 or wav format and saved on your system. after that you can use the "direct to disc" feature for copy pasting the songs from your system to your cd drive



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