Disk check I need help ?

okey my computer is 3 years old and it just did a disk check

I just rebooted it my mouse stoped working and when i turn it on it did a disk check

it work fine and here I and I was look on my wii broser for help

so I need help

What is a disk check ?

Why is It doing this ?

Is it a virus ?

How can I pervent it ?


HKDSK (short for Checkdisk) is a command on computers running DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows operating systems that displays the file system integrity status of hard disks and floppy disk and can fix logical file system errors.

May be virus

Download and install Spyware Cease. it's not free but It can tell you whether there is a virus or not.

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Disk Check happens whenever something happens that shouldnt happen on your System.

It is a normal Windows process.

Say the "Explorer.exe" process were to stop working and you cant get it back up, so you have to do a hard reboot. DskChk opens and prevents any corruption.


If you don't shut down properly, the hard drive isn't marked as being shut down properly, so the computer will check it for damage. That check is a disk check.


Disk check runs when your computer shuts down unexpectedly, its a built in Windows feature. It checks you disk (your hard drive) for errors and corruption. No worries, all is fine.