Which elective should I take my senior year?

I want colleges to be impressed with what I'm taking because I'm applying to very competitive schools, such as Columbia and Georgetown. As of now, I'm signed up for five AP classes: English Literature, Spanish, Biology, Calculus, and Economics. I'm also taking a full year of band. I have room for one more class and I'm very interested in three different electives. There's digital photography. I would like that because I liked film photography and journalism. There's film appreciation, which is much more intellectual and interesting than it sounds. One of my favorite English teachers is teaching it and he brings to light why film is a legitimate art form. There's also a class about China and Japan taught by a teacher who is fluent in Japanese and got his PhD in the US and Japan. I've always been interested in this area of the world, but I've already taken world history.

Which would be most impressive? Which would you most enjoy? I'm just looking for opinions =]


I would say, none of them will be a deciding factor for your college forget that. I am sure your transcripts are impressive. Take the film appreciation class. its the end of your high school experience so why not enjoy a class with one of your favorite teachers? best of luck.