Should i go to gonzaga for a double major in psychology and nursing?

I am currently at a community college and my passion is psychology. as we all know everyone we know is majoring in the field! i am starting to contemplate majoring in nursing as well since there is always a demand for the job and i am really good at math and the medical field is a new interest. I live in the northwest and gonzaga seems to be a top choice.

Any suggestions on if this is attainable? (to get a masters in both)

Thank you!


Actually , YES, you can major in both at once.

However, What is the point? B.S. psychologists make about 9-13 dollars an hour. You can go into psych nursing, do the EXACT same thing, make 2-3 times as much, give meds (which b.s. psych counselors can not), and save yourself 3 years of additional college.

Nursing will always pay more and give you pretty much the same job opportunities as psych at the bachelors level.


You cannot major in both of these fields at once.