What college has the best pre-med program?

What college has the best pre-med program? Can you list some in Illinois, and some in the rest of the country. Thanks.


You can do premed at pretty much every 4-year college or university. In general, the higher ranked the school is, the better chance you have of getting into med school if you do well there. Try UIUC or Purdue.


What school you go to matters, but not as much as your grades and everything else. Look at med school websites, do they talk about going to a prestigious school as a recommendation? No, they talk about grades, MCATs, volunteer work, experience in the medical field, etc... As people have mentioned, pre-med is not a major. You'll probably want to major in a science, as med-school and medicine in general is science based. If you end up with all A's, do decent on your MCATs, and have proven through various physician shadowing experiences that you want to be a doctor, I guarantee you could get into a med school somewhere, no matter where you go for your undergrad degree.


Pre-med is not a major. A student is deemed pre-med if they agree to take the 12 prerequisite courses for medical school (two years of chemistry, one tear each of bio, physics, calculus and english). So you can major in whatever you wish and still be pre-med.

So... you really want to know the best colleges in IL (and across the country). For that, you can check out the US News rankings (http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreview… ). The highest ranked school in IL is the University of Chicago (#8) followed by Northwestern (#12) and UIUC (#39).