What type of workload would be associated with a double major and a minor?

I'm not looking for answers like "a lot" don't even bother with dumb answers please and thank you (:

I have taken lots of AP classes if that helps...

my problem is i'm only 17 years old (graduating in 2011) so I don't think its smart to bank completely on one major

originally I was planning on Majoring in Psychology with a minor in dance (that's not an option) i'm thinking of adding European history to my major...

I know every school is different..but does anyone have an idea?


As the other answerer mentioned, 12 credits is considered the standard full-time load for fall and winter semesters. For a standard Bachelor's Degree it's about 120 credit hours to graduate. To do the math, that's around 10 fall/winter semesters, or 5 years, however, you have some AP classes done, and you can take classes during spring and summer and graduate within 4 years no problem.

However, you want to double major WITH a minor. Obviously, it depends on which types of courses the university will require you to take for a certain degree and it depends WHAT you choose your majors to be. For example, majoring in say, both English and Creative Writing, you'd graduate quicker than if you were to major in both Psychology and History, because the first two overlap more than the other two; the coursework works for both majors.

I think it'd take you atleast 5 years to get those majors you want, considering spring + summer classes + 15 credit hours a regular semester, but it's possible.

Personally, I graduated with my Associates with 10 extra credits and I only had to take MORE classes (winter term) becasue of the scholarships I've received. Furthermore, I've never had to take a spring or summer class! :D It's not that difficult, to take 15+ credit hours/ semester atleast for your first two years.

Overall, I think it's worth double majoring, that's what I plan to do at the University, I mean, I want to keep my options open and get employed! (Not to mention that too many things interest me! haha)

Good luck! :)


12 credits is considered full time. and is an easy workload. i did a double major in biochem and finance and i usually took 18-21 credits per semester to complete them in 4.5 years. you may also want to take a few summer or winter classes if your school offers them. i came into college with a lot of AP classes that got me aboutn12 credits ahead and took care of a lot of general education credits.

this is assuming a regular class is 3 or 4 credits.