Can I even get into college?

My parents say that there is no way I can, but I'm really hoping that they are wrong..

Like, a state UCI, UCSB or UC Davis?

My grades:

Freshman Year: 2c's 1B 4 A's both semesters

Sophomore year: 5 As 1 B, 1 C both semesters

Junior year,1st semester I got 2 A's, one B and 3 C's :(

I have about 100 hours of community service(and counting) and I'm the VP at one of the clubs at my school too...IDK if that helps at all.

and I have yet to take the SAT and the subject tests


UC schools look at freshman grades but they do not count them into your GPA. They only count sophomore and junior grades into your GPA.

Right now you're looking at UC Riverside and UC Merced as safeties, UC Santa Cruz as a target, and UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis as reaches.

Do well on your SATs as well! :)


yeah I think you can


I think you can. Sounds like your a good student and not a quitter. Good Luck.