Should I get a masters degree or open a business?

masters in technology field


well why don't you get a masters degree and then, if you still want to, open a business. then if something goes wrong, you would have that masters to help you get a job. so this way its a win, win for you. GOOD LUCK!


Masters is usually 1-2 years depending on the type. I don't know about you but I believe if you have no interest in persuing more education like PhD, you should at least finish Masters. Why? Because it puts you at a slight advantages from the Bachelors if you can't find a job. Depending what kind of Masters, you can get paid for T.A. ship too. Opening a busines is also a very hard and really depends on what you open and where you open. It actually requires a lot of research and background work if you want it really to be successful. Unless you're just opening a grocery store near a bunch of apartments or something small like that then it doesn't matter that much.

Oh to cut it short, I suggest Masters + research on what business you want to do then start business if you still want to.