I have a 1.3 GPA and a 700 cumulative SAT and I am a senior in high school?

Is that good or bad? I passes almost 1/3 of my classes and I got over a 600 on the SAT. I dont participate in extracurricular activites so will that hurt me? I am trying to be very successful. By the way, I am 21 in high school and I am a senior. And dont say community college, because that is only for retards who can't get anywhere in life.

P.S. Its been tough, partly because I am married and have 6 kids


wow. yeah you could probably find a local college that would accept you, but sorry man those stats aren't very impressive for colleges.


You got 600/2400 from SAT. And your GPA sucks. Sorry man but you gotta study harder


lol hes obviously joking calm down people



This one is even funnier than the speeding car fantasy


University of Phoenix is made for people like you.

Call immediately. Operators are standing by.


I'm sorry but this is bull. There's no way you're married and have 6 kids and there's no way you have such low stats and call the people of community college retards because there are actually some smart people who go there because they can't afford four years. asshole