Help me please please please!?

I am 13 and I'm going into year 9 soon. I really need to start taking my options this year-next year. So I want to work with children. I thought about being a pediatrician nurse. But now I've changed my mind. I love working with children, I have a big family of younger children I also do alot of baby sitting. I am planning on going to collage or university. Probably collage. But I don't know what to do. Could you also tell me what they have to do, what grades I would have to get, and what options I would have to take?


In truth, your options at Key Stage 4 aren't actually going to close that many doors for you. Concentrate on good grades in Maths, English and Science and then choose subjects that you enjoy. Go for at least dual science and then you should be able to access science A levels if you need to. It's the options at Key Stage 5 that really start opening and closing doors, but even then it's not too late to change.

Don't start losing sleep over it. Very, very few people actually know what they want to do for a career at 13, and those that do often change their mind.


I'm going into year 9 soon? What does this mean?


dont stress at all your only 13 you have a longg ways to go just remeber to do well in school get b's and a's you will do just fine


whatever is most closely related to PHSE, it tells everybody thet you are good at everyday situations


go with whatever you want, most of the time you train for something n end up doing a different job anyway. thinkin bout what to do in year 9? i know its good to be prepared but thats abit extreme tbf


At this age take generic subjects such as geography or French, they will serve you better when you come to choose what to do in college, you might change your mind again in the next few years about what you want to do. Don't make the mistake of taking subjects such as health and social care, these subjects are way too specific for GCSE's! You don't need any particular grades to work with children unless you want to be a teacher, so as I said before, take generic subjects. AND take ones that you enjoy, year 10 and 11 are the most painful and long 2 years of school life and you NEED to take subjects that you'll actually want to do well in.