Can I get into these Universities?

I'm white female and out-of-state ,IL. Tuition for Cu isn't an issue

First choice University of Colorado at Boulder CU (College of Arts and Sciences)

Class Rank/GPA (Top 10% of class weighted)



ACT: 25 (math 29_English 27_reading 21 :[ _science 23) *planning on retaking

Mostly advanced classes and 1 AP. End of senior year ill have completed 5 science classes (1 Ap and 4 accel).

---Spanish National Honors Society (10,11)

--High School Volleyball (9, 10) & Traveling Volleyball (9),

--Cross Country (11, 12)

--maybe 40-60 hrs

-- will have a part time job at the end of the summer.


Other schools im applying to

University of Wisconsin ___reach

Boston University ________reach

University of Illinois _______reach

College of Wooster _______maybe

Auburn University ________maybe

Indiana University ________maybe

University of Oregon ______match

University of Iowa ________match

Purdue University ________match

Bradley University ________match

George Mason University __safety

Pacific University ________safety

please let me know what shot i have of getting in or even if i do, and some other school that would maybe be good to apply to and sorry for writing a ton! Thanks so much I really appreciate it!


Your ACT is kinda low, colleges don't really look at the ACT as much as they use to. The SAT are very crucial and make sure you score really high. Your GPA does not match your ACT score. You should def consider taking more AP classes because Acc. classes your just the same as regular classes just a smudge different. Try to score at least 2100 on your SAT's.