how you can contribute to the iim in the formative years(not more than 150 words)



basically you want to get the variable y' by itelsf, so you would start moving the numbers that doesnt include the variable to the other to get rid of the -19 you would do the opposite to the other side (since the right side is subtracting 19 you want to add 19 to the other side):so 52 + 19 = -9 +16y is what you would have, you also want to move the -9 over so you get:52 + 19 + 9 = 16y, add the left numbers together 80 = 16y, now this is where you get y by itelsf, since y is multiplied by 16, you have to divide both sides by 16:80/16 = y, do the division and you get:y = 5 0Was this answer helpful?