What was Muhammad's message? What rules for daily living did he teach?

It's for Social Studies Essays.


Murder children who are non believers.


The previous comment is very racist and ignorant. Actually, Muhammad (PBUH)came with a message of peace and simpleness. He advocated for a austere life without indulgences of this life. He wanted everyone to live together peacefully, practicing their own faith and letting Muslims practise their faith and spread it freely. He implemented rights for women that weren't seen in Western life until the 1800s, more than a century after he died. Under Islamic law, women are not just property to be bought and sold (as was the case for women in European culture) and actually have the right to inherit and own property. Hope this helps.


I am a muslim and that answer was racist. He was looking for peace not to murder.:(


Wow, the first answer is BS, thank you second answerer. =D I don' t have a answer, I just need one, thanks!