Which part of the constitution contains a law that allows the following?

Answer will be Preamble or Articles or Bill of Rights or Amendments

1.A 35 year old woman from Idaho is running for a seat in the House of Representatives. She immigrated to the United States 15 years ago, and became a U.S. citizen 6 years later.

2. We live in a country that assures justice for all, and freedom for ourselves and future Americans.

3. Congress can't ask a citizen of Oregon to pay more federal taxes than his cousin does who lives in Indiana.

4. In this country, the police must have a search warrant to search your home.

5. A 40 year old man, who was born in the United States, announces his decision to run for President.

6. A senator did not like a ruling made by one of the Supreme Court justices. This senator cannot write a bill that would reduce the judge's salary or remove her job.

7. The states of Oregon & Washington could become one state only if both state legislatures and Congress approve of the formation of the new state.

8. It is the job of the executive branch of the US government to make sure citizens obey the law.

I'm just a grandma trying to help my dyslexic grandson. I need to know the answers to lead him to them, not cheat for him. I have forgotton but you can jog my memory. Thank you.


Bill of rigths