What is the cutest cloths for going back to school when we go back to school?

i am 13 i am about to go to middle school when school comes back and i really want to know where the cutest cloths where the cutest acceseries are where the cutest gym cloths are at when shorts have to be fingertip lingth no showing shoulders no holes above your fingertip in your pants also the cutest shoes and just cutest everything for next year to look awsome and cute and get complements from people and also stuff to put in my locker any stores or places for that.


Don't worry about it, it won't be your problem...


damn, i've seen so many worrying uptight questions from you. and whatever you are comfortable wearing. i'm not even gunna bother to decipher your horrible language skills in this paragraph. it's not a place to look "just so damn cute", you go to learn.


I would suggest you get some clothes -- cloths usually don't cover enough skin. (A better investment would be a dictionary.)


There's this place called a mall, start there


School is not a fashion contest