How is middle school like?

I'm starting middle school in September and want to know how it was like, such as how the cliques are like, the teachers, classes, and especially the teens there. Our middle school is only 7th and 8th grade...I'm a sevie.


Cliques - I think they're the worst in middle school. Its not like the movies though, its not the populars, jocks, nerds, etc.. Your "clique" is pretty much just the people you hang out with the most. Your not really labeled anything, but people will tend to judge you by who you hang out with. Like most of my friends got really bad grades, so everyone assumed i got really bad grades, but i usually had all A's and B's.

Teachers- some are nice, some a strict, some are fun, some are boring. Not much you can do about which teacher you get. just don't be afraid to ask them questions if you don't understand something.

Classes- if you can, take the classes you think you'll like, not the classes your friends want you to take just so you have a class together. Some of the classes are hard, and some are REALLY easy. Just keep up with your homework and take good notes and you'll be fine.

The older kids - They won't bother you. Actually they really don't seem to notice you at all. And when you get to the high school, your grade really won't matter anymore because your all mixed. So don't worry about them, they're only 1 year older. If they do pick on you then either defend you self, laugh it off, or simply ignore them. your choice.

Good luck!


I attended a middle school with 7th, 8th, and 9th graders - the teachers are very kind in the beginning of the school year... though don't attempt to sneak anything by them. They use the beginning of the year to seperated the students by maturity, dedication, and respect. The teens can be rude at times, though you have to understand that they are teenagers and not take everything too personally. Our classes were probably fifty minutes long... and a period at the end of the day that we used to complete homework. Remember - everyone is there to help you to get your education and to have an enjoyable experience at the school!


well mine was like the popular, normal, weird, dorks, and sporty. but the teachers are different they can either be like soo easy or kinda hard, but def not super hard. middle school is NOT hard.