Am I to short to be in middle school?

I'm 4"11, about 92 pounds and 13yr old. I know I should be happy with the way god mad me and I am I just wanna know is my height ok.


There is no such thing as being to short! Their are people that are dwarfs and they attended school without any problems.

I'm 18 years old, graduated HIGH SCHOOL and only stand at 5 feet exactly.

Your height is fine! Be happy with who you are, I love being short it makes me, me so I'm proud of it, don't let anyone tell you otherwise k?


I know high schoolers who are that short, so no, I don't think you're short.


Yeah....your pretty short .


be happy and proud of who u are, dont let any1 bring u down, accept yourself...your unique, and your height is perfect. I was your height in middle school and now am 6"2.


Yes, your height is okay. I stood at around 5'1" and 90lbs when I was 13, but I hit puberty late (at close to 15). I stand 5'6" now. You may still have lots of growing to do, but 4'11" is just fine. I have some close friends (in our mid 20's) who are 5'0" and they are proud :)


Ur height is about normal I now people who r 12 yes old and 5"1 but that is pretty tall and I know someone else who's I think 11 and she's only 4"11 same as u u will probably be short but not really really short plus guys like short girls because they feel like there being more protective over you hope this helps :)