What plastics dont melt when heated?

and also what can smart polymers used for?

thankss :)


Plastics that don't melt are thermosetting plastics, this is due tot he chemical bonds between the polymer chains, they will tend to decompose or burn at high temperatures

Smart polymers are polymers (plastics) that specially change according to their environment and their surroundings. Some examples of environmental changes that affect polymers are temperature, the presence of water, pH, the presence/intensity of light, etc.

The main properties of smart polymers are that they are strong, flexible, easy to colour, easy to mould, and tough.

Some uses of smart polymers are: Nappies, Plasters, helmets, plastic bags, non-stick chewing gum, climbing ropes.

The first few smart polymers are: polyethene, polyvinalchloride, polystyrere, polypropene, polyvinalalcohl.



Those with chemical cross links.


none who knows