Are you ready for the Mars Creature?

A new species of bacteria that feeds off methane and breathes something other than oxygen has been found living in a salty Arctic spring. The discovery hints at an ecosystem that could have -- or may still -- exist on Mars.


Oh hell NO! Is this why President Obama wants to explore Mars?


Yes, and on Titan too.


Where have YOU been? We knew creatures thrived in methane at the bottom of the ocean for years.


What I think you mean is, there's a 90% chance this life could survive on Mars... not a 90% chance that it's already there or that we'll find anything.


evolution complete - I kept hearing that in starcraft


A new extremeophile is NOT a mars creature. Life exists in the most amazing places, fascinating, sometimes surprising but not alien.

There are entire ecosystems based on deep sea volcanic vents - still not alien.