2 short questions? 10points!?

1) Suggest what substance the cactus uses to make wax for the cuticle?

2) The human population is increasing. What does exponential growth mean?


1) I don't know

2) I learned this on the second to last week of school exponential growth is:

Y= a(1+r)

where y= final amount

a= original amount

r= rate of growth in DECIMAL form

t= time ( the time you put it as an exponent on the outside of the parentheses.

First you substitute the numbers in the places

Then you add 1+r and do that exponent thing with the answer that you get by adding 1+r ( in a calculator, it says x to the power of y, or might even say y to the power of x) but you are going to need a calculator

Then multiply by a

And there's your answer, i hope i was clear enough