What are uses of trigonometry in our daily life?

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Trigonometry is a way of describing geometry in algebraic form. As we know lot of things in our daily life is directly related to geometry and algebra from arranging your desk or books in an orderly manner to going to buy a candy from your corner store.

Let examine the use of trigonometry in human hearing and vision. Let's say you hear a noise from accross your room and you turn your head to see what the noise is about. Have you ever wonder how we are tuned to look at the direction from where the sound came. Because our brain hears from both ears and then calculate the angle of direction based on the differece in milli second that our ears hear the noise apart.

Same is true for eyes to produce 3D world we experience every day

A sine curve may be used to analyse how your interest in an on going episode such a live game on TV or movie . When you see alike things your interst hit zero point and when some suspense builds up and gradually going to a point where you get goose bumps then sine is on max value. Then you see some boring talk you tend to nod your heads which may be the sinx = -1 point

we can find use of Trigonometry in lot of different areas too.


Measuring angles. Architects use it a lot.


Trigonometry deeply touches our daily lives.

When you drive on our road ways, the construction of ramps, of tunnels and bridges, the grades (slopes) of our roads, were all laid out using trig.

The house you live in was designed using trig for, the foundation was laid out using trig, your staircases and your roof was constructed using trig, and even the surface-area to be shingled was calculated using trig.

The car you drive in was designed using Trig for everything from the bolt-pattern on your wheels to the ignition cycle of your engine. (Trig is as much about circles and cycles as it is about triangles. It's true!)

If you use GPS, you are using a system of triangulation between satellites which is founded on trigonometry. The same is true of cell-phones interacting with towers.

The computer your are using has circuitry designed with trigonometry; (cycles, again.) Indeed, anything you plug in to a wall runs on ac current which operates at 60 cycles a second, and so used trigonometry at some point in the design.

If you wear a watch or look at a clock, you are able to do some because someone used trigonometry in designing the gears and in laying out the numbers on the face.

The truth is that trigonometry is deeply enmeshed in every aspect of our modern lives, from the moment we get up, until the moment we go to bed. The music we listen too, the phones we talk on, the appliances we cook with, the roads we drive on, the cars and bikes we ride, the lights we see by, the video games we enjoy, the TV's we watch, all use or used trigonometry, because all of them are based on angles or cycles or forms of triangulation in their operation or design. When you stop to think about it, the hard task is finding examples where trigonometry has no role to play in our daily lives.



Trigonometry is so useful! For instance, suppose you're walking down the street. and there's this triangle, right? and the cosine of angle A is 0.297 and the length of the opposite side is 2 yards and a meter. Well, how are you suposed to figure out the other two angles? Trigonometry!