When poaching elephants, what do they use (and how) to cut off the tusks?

I'm writing a paper on elephant poaching, i looked up elephant poaching of google and found lots of pictures where the face is cut off, if you look them up note that they are gross. What do they use to cut off that part of the face, how, why, and do they do anything with the rest of the body? Please help me out!


Tusks are TEETH, need to CUT open the flesh to get to the ROOT of the tooth w/a SAW!

& then every single scrap of the carcass is butchered & EATEN!

The hide is tanned.

Poachers do NOT have TRANQS! LICENSED hunters do NOT use tranqs! Stop spouting obvious BS,kid.


Although selling and trading of ivory has been internationally banned until 2016 there is still a large black market that flourishes, especially in the East. These huge magnificent animals are mercilessly killed by any means and the bodies discarded for a few pounds of ivory. Because the older larger elephants have the biggest tusks they are the prime targets which means the matriarchs are the first to be killed leaving behind the juveniles to fend and raise themselves without the guidance of the older elephants knowledge that has taken up to 50 years to accumulate. The result is generations of juvenile delinquents that do not have discipline enforced on them by the elderly nor is that valuable knowledge passed on.

Threats Facing Elephants -…


In Africa there are the Big Five which are the five most dangerous animals in Africa. They are the following: Cheetah, Lion, Rhino, Wilda beast, and Elephant.

First of all, it's really hard to kill an elephant. Their skin is very thick and to get close enough to one to kill it is extremely dangerous. By killing one at long range then the other elephants can figure out what is going on and it can cause a stampede.

Most poachers use tranquilizers and then kill the elephant. Special saws are used to remove the tusks.

It's really really sad to know that people kill elephants. They're my favorite animals:'(


Two words - chain saw. And yes, the results are indeed ugly. The usual procedure is to hack out the tusks and get the hell out of the area with them. Rarely, people from a nearby village will come along within a couple hours and butcher the carcass and take the meat home to eat...but the carcass is usually just left to rot and be consumed by the buzzards and the four-legged variety of jackals...