I love chemistry and i want to know more about...?

degrees or majors that i could take in college relating to chem?


If you really like chemistry, you could obviously be a chemistry major. However, be warned that you have to be pretty good with math to be successful. The upper level chem classes involve a lot of calculus and even higher stuff like differential equations are recommended.

There's chemical engineering. You have to apply chemical principles to efficiently convert chemicals into effective forms. Chemical engineering is less chemistry and more engineering. You have to know physics a lot and definitely math again.

There's biochemistry- the study of chemicals in living things. This is like the link between biology and pure chemistry. If you like biology too, this is a good choice. Also, you wouldn't need as much math as a chem major.

Anyway, you should take what you like and what you are good at in college. Chemistry is a versatile field at any rate and is very interesting. Good luck!


Chemistry is the most obvious one, but depending upon your true interests, you might want to check out biochemistry or chemical engineering. If you major in chemistry, you'll get exposed to all other areas of chemistry but not to a significant degree. There is also the option of double majoring if you'd be interested in that option.