Can you please check and Help with 2 questions on Consumers Math?

I have most of them done, but the two answers I do not know what to do. Can you please check my problems that I have done, and also help me with two questions?

1. Tip is ____. (1 point)

An additional amount charged by the restaurant similar to sales tax

A percentage you may add to a restaurant bill for good service <--------------------Answer that I picked

A discount offered by restaurants

A set amount charged in addition to all other items at a restaurant

2. When paying for purchases, debit cards ____. (1 point)

Are exactly like credit cards

Take money directly from your account <-------------------------Answer that I pick

Are cash

Have no additional benefits like cash

3. _____ require a date, signature, amount, and "pay to the order of". (1 point)

Credit cards

Debit Cards

Checks <----------------------------Answer that I picked

Loan Documents

4. Cash is _____. (1 point)


Not legal tender


Easily recovered when lost or stolen <---------------- Answered that I picked

5. You purchase a piece of cake for $4.89. What would be a good estimation for just purchasing the cake? (1 point)

$5.00 <---------------------Answered that I picked




6. Your total restaurant bill for food and drinks is $63.57. What is a good estimated cost for just the food and drinks? (1 point)




$64.00 <------------------------Answered that I picked

7. You purchase 5 CDs for $9.95 each. The sales tax is 7%. You have $60.00. How much is your change? (1 point)



$49.35 <---------------------------------------… that I picked


Two questions I need help with-------------> 8. If you used 856 KWH and the power company charges 0.05854/ KWH and a customer charge of $3.75, how much will you pay? (1 point)


$53.86 <---------------This is what I think it is the correct answer



9. You received a bill for $82.53. You prepaid on a budget plan for $110.00/ mth. How much was your original bill? (1 point)



$110.00 <------------------- I do-not know but I am trying to figure out this one and I think this is correct


If I have anything that is wrong, can you please explain why do I have it wrong? Thank-you everyone for helping me with your time :)


Hello Amor Dulce,

Your answer to No. 4 is incorrect. Cash is untraceable. Once cash is lost or stolen; its gone for good. Getting it back would depend on an individual being a good samaritian.

No. 7 should be $6.77:

$9.95 x 5 = $49.75 x .07 = $3.48 (sales tax)

Add sales tax to purchase price:

$49.75 + $3.48 = $53.23

Then, deduct purchase price from the amount of money in your pocket:

$60.00 - $53.23 = $6.77

Your answer to No. 8 is correct.

No. 9: The amount for the original bill is $192.53. Because you pay $110.00/mo under the budget plan; the company bills you for any outstanding balance. If your bill were less than the $110.00 you pay for the budget plan, you would have received a credit on your statement. However, since you received a bill for $82.53, your bill is calculated this way:

$192.53 (Current bill) - 110.00 (Budget payment) = $82.53 (Current amount due)


All are correct except

4: untraceable

7: 6.77

9: 192.53