3 differences and similarities between ruminant and non ruminants?

hi, i need to know 3 differences and similarities between ruminants and non ruminants for a college assignment! please tell me if you know any, thanks in advance!


I recently was assinged an adaptations to herbivore essay for college too and i had to explain about digestion too... here is a website that contains many differences etc about ruminants and non ruminants. :)…

ok hee goes ill try help with a few..

differences...a ruminant has a forestmach eg a cow, it digests during the process of eating into the 4 chamberd stomach rumen,reticulum,omasum and abomasum(true stomach). Digestion is alot faster in ruminants becasue they partially regurgitate their food with their grinding jaws, also they can be quite selective about food but it doesnt matter much , the stomachs possess microorganisms in ruminants that break down cellulose...and toxic plants chemicals


both eat throughtout the day and are constantly losing energy

both break down cellulose and or toxic compounds

non-ruminants eg horse also possess multiple stomachs just not as many, non-ruminants such as the rabbit possess a ceacum which aids in reabsorbing nutrients through their feaces(both ruminant and non have to try conserve energy)

i hope this helps if u need anything else just say :)




Ruminants have 4 stomachs, other animals have one.

Ruminants can digest cellulose other animals can not.

Ruminants regurgitate their food to re-chew it (ruminate), others do not.

All have 4 legs, one mouth & two eyes!