What does this all mean, do i have paranormal abilities or something?

let me explain myself first. i'm 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and completely sane. i'm on varsity for sports, i have lots of friends, and a good social life (however i'm not a partier aka i don't drink/smoke, or any of that).

so the other day i was with some friends having a sleep over, my friend and i were the last up so we were watching a movie on her ipod. i was sitting up to watch. i think i was asleep (i'm honestly not sure), and this girl was leaning over me saying "you need to wake up..she needs you to wake up right now!" and i was like "what? who are you?" waving my hand in the dark (all the lights were off) at this mysterious face leaning over me telling me this. i turned over to my friend freaked out asking if she was okay and she was totally fine and i was like"what happened to the movie?!" and she just said she thought i fell asleep so she turned it off. she later said she saw me sitting up waving my arm around and yelling but she didn't know what was wrong. all the other friends were asleep in the other bed across the room, and i had never recognized the face talking to me before. anyway, i thought maybe this figure was telling me to wake up because my friend was wanting her headphone back (i had it in my ear still).

then yesterday i went outside to get picked up. i saw my moms car drive right by me in the parking lot, by all of the buses by the school, and kept driving, but once it got by the buses i couldn't see it anymore, so i looked, and there was NO way a car could fit by those buses. so i called my mom asking where she went! and she goes: i'm not even there yet! i'm coming down the parking lot now. so i look up the hill and there she is driving down. i told her what i saw and she thought i was crazy!

what's going on with me? what does this all mean? i'm a smart kid, athletic, completely happy with my life. i have no interest in any weird religions or something that may "worship" weird things, i'm just christian (no kind in particular)..


This is going to sound so generic of me, but it's honestly really hard for me to tell exactly *what* happened, because i can't really see what you're seeing or experience what you're experiencing. It could be dreams, but it could actually be something. Only you really know what was truth. You're not crazy, though.

But... in my experience, if you DO have a gift, you'll slowly become more aware of it over time. If you're meant to have one, you'll be lead into it slowly, as you're ready for it. You'll be guided to learn about what you have and how it works, and it will grow over time. These things have a way of just working themselves out that way. It'll just begin to fall into your lap.

good luck.


First was just a really scary dream. They seems so vivid and you were even acting the physical parts out in your sleep. So you were border line sleep walking. The other is almost like deja vous. You have seen your mom car pull up a 1000 times before. As you were day dreaming about your mom coming to get you. You imagined you saw her car. Thats all. No big deal. don't freak out and do good in school.


The first thing is pretty dumb. It would have been impressive if you had woken up to find your friend choking or something and you were able to save her. As it is, you had a dream that someone wanted you to wake up, and this turned out NOT to be true. I have dreams all the time about stuff that doesn't happen. Come on.

The second one is a little weird, although I think you're just mistaken about the car not fitting by the buses. But even if you did hallucinate a car driving by, how would that make you psychic? You knew your mom was coming to pick you up; you aren't exactly seeing some unknown future.

You are trying way too hard to think you have some special abilities. If this is the best you can come up with, then sorry, you definitely do NOT have any psychic abilities.

Additional Details:

Yes, that's pretty dumb too. You have an overactive imagination. Get over yourself. You have never had a psychic incident in your entire life. If you had, you would have mentioned them instead of this weak bullsh*t. "Ooh I dreamed something and it didn't happen, it was really scary though, I must be psychic!" Dumbass.


probably not