Too late to become a doctor at 34?

would it be too late for a personto go to med school and become a doctor (maybe surgeon) at age 34?


It's never too late - I had a classmate that started medical school at 42, another at 38, and a couple others around 34. A more important question to ask yourself is what are your current responsibilities? Do you have a spouse or significant other? Will they be able to accept seeing you less, and having less time for recreation, entertainment, vacationing, etc? Any children? Another potential consideration: are you currently in some type of management position? If so, will you be able to emotionally deal with being the "bottom of the totem pole" again? There is a strong tradition of well-defined hierarchy in medicine, especially surgery.


You might want to consider other options like P.A.


Nah dude don't worry about it. It's not too late, as long as you are not over 50 Haha, You're 34, that's young and you'll be fine. I'm assuming you already have a Bachelors Degree tho right ?

Good Luck :D


I say no. It's not too late. That is, if you have the ba*** to see it through!

People will tease and taunt you. Instructors and especially attendings, when you're a resident, will give you a hard time. But if you are sincere and if you REALLY want it...Go for it!