Please help, quick question would really help me out if you can Answer it.?

Calculate the volume of concentrated sulfuric acid (density=1.84g/cm3) containing 98% volume by weight,that would contain 40.0 g of pure H2SO4.

Please explain how you got your answer! Thanks


Divide the 40.0g by the density to get mL. Divide that by .98 to get effective volume


you can solve it using a proportion. heres the calc.

40g/? =98% / 2%

cross multiply

40x2% = 98% x ?

divide by 98%

(40x2%)/98% = ?

?= .89 g

add that to the 40g of sulfuric acid and you get 40.89g

then divide by the density to get the volume

40.89(g) / 1.84(g/cm3) = 22.2 cm3