How to find out if a number is a polynomial?

I need to find out if a number ias a polynomial and if it is if it's a binomial a trinomial etc. here's the problem y^3 please explain how you solved it please. i really need help understanding this.


A polynomial has more than one term in it. y^3 is not a polynomial just as it is not a binomial, trinomial, etc.

Any numbers or variables separated by addition or subtraction are separate terms.

A binomial has 2 terms because the prefix bi- means 2. A trinomial has 3 terms because the prefix tri- means 3.

x + 5 is a polynomial and a binomial.

x^2 + 8x - 3 is a polynomial and a trinomial.


The previous answerer gave a good explanation. I'll just add to it a bit by saying y^3 is a

MONONOMIAL. Since it has 3 as an exponent, we say it is a mononomial of degree 3