AP Bio & physiology/anatomy?

So, i really want to be a nurse one day, and if i took science classes in high school, it could help me out in college. I want to take ap bio, that's already a done deal. but i also want to take physiology and anatomy. Does that seem like too much work for a senior? It has been really stressing me out on what classes to take my senior year. So i'll restate my question

Is taking AP bio and physiology & anatomy too much work?

Right now i put down

AP Bio

English 12

Forensic science




and i need 3 more classes.



im taking AP Bio now as a sophomore through a university since my school doesnt offer ap classes and its ALOT OF WORK. i want to be a dermatologist. i say youre on the right track. its not going to be easy; but as a senior your courseload tends to be a lot less anyway so go for it.

im also taking ap psychology now; its awesome.

anatomy and biology are kinda related too so maybe it wont be as hard. and forensic science sounds really interesting. eww trig :(