Write an essay to briefly explain how geographic isolation...

Write an essay to briefly explain how geographic isolation of a common ancestral species of finches has led to the development of 14 different species of finches in the galapagos islands.


dude wat do u feel dis is !?!? a homework centre


Yeah... sorry... but I dont really WANT to help you on this.


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Looks like you haven't even attempted the work - how do we help you do something you haven't started?


you REALLY want help writing the essay...? For starters, do the research, maybe encyclopedia or a history site you can trust(wiki might work if you don't copy&paste, make what you learned in your own words), gather the data of isolation from the "14 different species of finches isolated in galapagos islands". THEN, google the essay format(CM, CM,...) then get to work, you can do it I believe in you!