Can you please check my answers?! 10 points for best answer!?

PLEASE just check my answers (<<), and please explain if any are wrong! Thanks!

1. How many valence electrons does a carbon atom have?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4<<my answer

2. How many double covalent bonds are in an alkane?

A) 0<<my answer

B) 1

C) 2

D) 3

3. What is the general formula for a straight-chain alkane?

A) CnHn

B) CnHn+2

C) CnH2n

D) CnH2n+2<<my answer

4. Why are the molecules of hydrocarbons nonpolar?

A) The intermolecular attractions are strong.

B) All the bonds are single covalent bonds.

C) The electron pair is shared almost equally in all the bonds.<<my answer

D) Van de Waals forces overcome polarity.

5. In which of the following compounds does rotation occur around all covalent bonds between carbons?

A) octene

B) octyne

C) octane<<my answer

D) all of the above

6. An organic compound that contains only carbon and hydrogen and at least one carbon-carbon triple bond is classified as an ____.

A) alkane

B) alkene

C) alkyne<<my answer

D) arene

7. Which of the following compounds is a structural isomer of butane?

A) 2-methylbutane

B) 2, 2-dimethylbutane

C) 2-methylpropane<<my answer

D) 2, 2-diethylpropane

8. Which hydrocarbon rings are most common in nature?

A) rings with 3 or 4 carbon atoms

B) rings with 4 or 5 carbon atoms

C) rings with 5 or 6 carbon atoms<<my answer

D) rings with 6 or 7 carbon atoms

9. What is the first stage in the formation of coal?

A) lignite

B) anthracite coal

C) peat<<my answer

D) bituminous coal

10. What is the first step in the refining of petroleum?

A) cracking

B) drilling

C) cooling

D) distillation<<my answer

13. What substance is added to an organic molecule to test for the degree of saturation?

A) water

B) hydrogen gas

C) bromine<<my answer

D) hydrogen bromide

14. Which of the following compounds has the lowest boiling point?

A) diethyl ether<<my answer

B) 2-butanol

C) diphenyl ether

D) 4-octanol

15. What is the name of the following compound?




A) phenylhyde

B) cyclohexylhyde

C) benzaldehyde<<my answer

D) phenol aldehyde

16. What is the name of the following compound?




A) butane<<my answer

B) butanal

C) butanol

D) butanone

17. The IUPAC name for the carboxylic acid with two carbons in a straight chain would be ____.

A) ethanalic acid

B) dimethylmethanoic acid

C) methacarboxylic acid

D) ethanoic acid<<my answer

18. When an oxygen atom is attached to a carbon atom, the carbon atom becomes more ____.

A) oxidized<<my answer

B) reduced

C) acidic

D) basic

19. Which of the following compounds is the most reduced?

A) ethene

B) carbon dioxide

C) propanone

D) ethane<<my answer


yeah, those are all correct; except for 16, it should be butanone. It has the general formula R(C=O)R and is thus a ketone. (R is any alkyl substituent, ie CH3, or even CH3-CH2-CH2)


You're ok for the most part, but 16 is wrong, should be butanone.

it has the general formula R(C=O)R and is thus a ketone. (R is any alkyl substituent, ie CH3, or even CH3-CH2-CH2)