Help me Solve This...?

|4y-3| > 10


Okay, actually the previous answers are incorrect because the lines on the sides of 4y-3 means that it's an absolute value inequality. So to get rid of the absolute value signs, you have to set up two inequalities:

4y-3>10 and 4y-3<-10

Just remember that since your inequality is greater than then on a number line it will look like the two arrows pointing to opposite sides to infinity. Do not try to write a greater than inequality as one triple inequality. That you can only to with less than inequalities.

Now solve the two above:




No solve the other:




So your final answer going to be two separate values for y: y>13/4 and y<-7/4

So picturing this on a number lines y CANNOT be any number from -7/4 to 13/4 but it can be anything else!

Hope this helped! HAPPY MATHING!


|4y-3| > 10

=> |4y| > 10+3

=> |4y| > 13

=> |y| > 13/3



4y - 3 > 10.

Add 3 to get rid of the - 3 on the left so you have: 4y > 10 + 3 ---> 4y > 13

Then divide 4y by 4 and do the same to the right hand side and you have: y > 13/4 OR y > 3.25.

@avip - you made a mistake at the end. The division is by 4.