Chemistry help needed!?

Which two formulas represent Arrhenius acids?


B. HC2H3O2 and H3PO4

C. KHCO3 and KHSO4

D. NaSCN and Na2S2O3

And how do you solve these kinds of questions?


Choice B is your answer. Arrhenius acids are any substances that increases H+ when dissolved in water. In choice B, Acetic and Phosphoric Acid gives off H+ ions.

Choice A is some organic molecules. Choice C has very weak acids that can both reduce or increase H+ concentration in water. Choice D has bases that'll reduce H+ concentration.

EDIT: Additional Details Question,

You'll eventually know which compounds are acids and bases as you learn more chemistry. It'll become secondhand nature for you to identify and name compounds. A general trick to know which compounds are acids is that the compound will have hydrogens in front of its name, like:

H2CO3 - Carbonic Acid

H2C2O4 - Oxalic Acid

HNO3 - Nitric Acid

HCl - Hydrochloric Acid

HClO4 - Perchloric Acid

So acids generally give off H+ ions and they have hydrogens in front of its molecular formula.