Percentage Help!?Due to 25% hike in the price hike in the price of rice

Due to 25% hike in the price hike in the price of rice,a person is able to purchase 20 kg more of rice of Rs 400 . Find the initial price..pls explain in detail with steps


25% * 400 = 100

with 100 Rs he buys extra 20 kg

100 / 20 = 5Rs per kg


If there is a price hike , he cannot buy more rice . Must be less rice.


If the price was raised you would have to buy less rice for the same amount of money


x+20 kg of rice is now bought for 400

price of x + 20 kg of rice before hike = 400*100/125(320)


20 kg of rice = Rs 400 .

Since it is a revised price

25% = 400rs

Therefore 100% = 400*100/25

Therefore Initial price = 1600Rs for 80 kg


The question is wrong because with a hike in the price of rice, a person will have to buy less amount of rice with the same amount of money.


The question is wrong..

If the rate has increased the amount purchasable will be less..

It could have been like:He is able to purchase 20 Kg less or the price may have not hiked but reduced...

So sorry nobody can solve this question...


due to 25% price hike of petrol a person can buy 20 litter less petrol for rs. 5000 what is the intial price