explain how geographic isolation of common ancestral species of finches has led to the development

development of 14 different species of finches in the Galapagos Island


Ancestral species of finches has developed for many years ago, that is what i know


It's all about ecological niches. Different islands had different exposures to wind and sea, different surface areas, different elevations, different resources, different sets of competing flora and fauna. In short, each island represented a different environment to which the common ancestral species of finches which first populated them had to adapt and optimize to for purposes of survival. Thus, islands with trees offering thick seeds and nuts as a food source presented a prime niche to those finches which developed thick beaks for cracking those shells, while islands having long, slender blossoms as a potential food source favored those finches born with progressively longer and delicate beaks. In was this diversification of survival opportunities to successive generations of diversifying finches which drove specialization and subsequent speciesation of the ancestral finches to the point that Darwin did not even realize they were all finches until he was so informed after his voyage was over. That is how much the fourteen species had diversified over ancestral time on those islands.


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