Why is my gf so secretive? Is this how women are thought to behave?

My gf is so secretive about her monthly flow. She won't even tell me anything about them. She blushes everytime I ask her whether she needs sanitary pads, when I'm going shopping. One time she missed her period for 2 months and didn't even bother to tell me. Since we live together, I found out by myself when I observed that she wasn't getting them, so we had to go to the doctor. When I ask her why she doesn't like talking about it, she gets mad and says that I'm invading her privacy. To me, there is no such thing as privacy in a romantic relationship. I tell her everything, so she should do the same. Is this some kind of feminist behavior? Can't a woman be 100% open with her man?


Some people are just not like that. By not like that I mean some people just do not feel comfortable talking about things like their period or other personal things. Don't push it because you might end up pushing her away. Give her some space.


If she doesn't talk about her period, don't make her. It's her own body, and maybe she doesn't like to talk about it. Some girls can feel really uncomfortable talking about it to guys so give her some space. Some girls like talking about it and some don't. In my case, I don't really mind. xx


obviously youre sexist--"is this feminist behavior"

uhmmm no its like nowhere close 2 that...its a normal woman being a bit uncomfortable with sharing everything about that w. you. Obviously you dont love her very much why dont you find another woman. periods can be very personal things for some people


It's very unhealthy not to have some privacy in any relationship.


You've gotta be kidding. Why would you want to know about all of this stuff? Try acting like a man.


I don't know what would cause her to be embarrassed about it, but it's her body and her business. If she doesn't want to talk about it, you should accept that. No such thing as privacy in a romantic relationship? That is completely wrong and incredibly foolish. Just because you're in love doesn't mean you have no right to privacy. You're still 2 separate people.


Some women feel that part of their life is very personal. I wouldnt push her on it and just let it go.... My wife tells me way more than id like to know about her monthly friend.... dont worry your not missing anything!