Please help me out here, I can't wrap my mind around this?

In a movie entitled "Dawn of the dead" the main female charcters husband is killed, Then about a day later in the movie she is already making out with some new guy. Now this was a serious movie and wasn't exactly an over the top horror/comedy with every element of cheese in it. And that's what surprised me, How is something like that acceptable?

Imagine if your husband/wife died and then a day later would you be open mouth kissing someone else?

Some opinions on this matter I got were "It's because its a crisis situation that she did that" Whats that supposed to mean?, what like just because things are bad the only way I can get through them is by putting my tongue in some strangers mouth? ESPECIALLY after I watched my wife get brutally killed.

I just can't wrap my mind around this, How can someone do that? because everyone I talk to about it seems to think it's just fine. I'll ask you again, if your significant other was killed and you were stuck in a crisis situation. Would you suddenly forget your deceased lover and just go make out with some other person?


Hollywood sensationalism. Keep in mind this is a movie and it must be over the top to capture and hold the attention of the audience.Obviously it has worked this film has you posting questions. And others responding and discussing.

I personally have never viewed the film. However from what you are saying I would say that crisis and loss due the death is the answer. This individual was in shock so traumatized by what they seen and found comfort in the arms of another. Probably not the way I would handle it however we are talking about Hollywood there is a need for extreme sensationalism.


I'm on your side dude, those people are crazy.