At what moment do you realize when you are in love?

At what moment do you realize when you are in love?


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There is a fluid that secretes out of the back of your skull when you are in love. This fluid is a chemical known as Glafoflavin, which controls the emotional restraint for happiness. When you are in love, the brain produces a dry spot that allows the neurons to transmit the comprehension of happiness and the Glafoflavin is forced out. Too much love though, and it could potentially kill you, so be careful with how close you get to someone.


it's different for everyone. all i remember was thinking about getting him lunch (he hadn't eaten) and thinking "oh crap." lol


When you put them before any one else!, including YOURSELF?, that's love....


It is easy to fall in love but hard to make it work! To many outside distractions, when you are older there are children who pull you apart?


I have too agree with Simon and add a few things about how I feel. The feeling in the heart is warm and comforting and then the feeling of butterflies in the tummy. How wonderful is that. :)


When you look out the car window and think all is well with the world and why are people not happy as you are. lololololol Your happy all the time.


When every time you think about that special someone, your stomach flips, you sometimes feel sick with happiness and a smile is spread across your lips.

When you can't eat, sleep and you constantly have butterflies in your stomach-that's love sickness.

Also, when you can't get them out of your head, and when you see them, your head feels like it will explode, and you can't stop smiling like an idiot, and if they speak, you never know what to reply back to because your simply to starstruck by their very presence.


When it slugs you in the belly...that deep sinking feeling...yeah, that's love :)