Why are there no open Feminist protests against Sharia Law?

Sharia law clearly suppresses the rights of women within their respective areas of influence. Is it because there is nothing for individual organizations to gain? a waste of resources?


They can't go to those countries. Iran and many countries in that area of the world have closed borders and if you are caught within them you are jailed. If you are found within their borders promoting a political or religious agenda you are killed. Also a number of those countries are in the top 10 of oil production so we can't sanction them harshly. With Iraq not producing if Iran stopped there would be an energy crisis. If Saudi Arabia stopped producing the world would stop. Also if OPEC converted oil sales to the Euro our economy would implode and our dollar would be worth less than the currency of a third world nation. We can't touch them until oil is no longer needed.


No. It is fear. If feminists did this there would be a fatwa issued against the infidel feminist and she would be killed.


Because there's no point in protesting against Sharia law where it doesn't exist, and if you protested where it did exist, you'd probably be arrested. All the protests in the world cannot change laws unless they are followed through with real policy efforts.


Wrong, there is.

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