Are humans still evolving?

Are humans still evolving?


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Everyone who says that humans are still evolving obviously have no real education in the field of evolution. The only area which could be conceivably seen as evolving are 3rd world countries where there is little or no medical treatment and government intervention. In industrialized countries there is no evolution occurring. The modern technological achievements has allowed 'the weakest' to survive thus eliminating the concept of survival of the fittest. The weak procreate and contribute to the gene pool thus maintaining an equilibrium that will continue until there is an unexpected natural disaster or event that will press the strongest to survive. As it stands today there is no such thing as survival of the fittest in industrialized countries. In order for evolution to occur those with weak genes have to DIE in order for the fit to survive. Who ever says that we are evolving to metabolize fat quicker is stupid, last time I checked my fat neighbor did not die because he was fat. Indeed, he passed his genes to the next generation.


Yes it's an ongoing process.


Yes. Evolution occurs in such small minuscule ways that changes wouldn't be noticeable until many years from now. In think the best proof would be the appendix, which currently does nothing for humans but may have long ago.


Yes, we are still evolving. This is a process irreversible; in fact, we have less hair on our bodies due our clothes, the little toe is stunded due to the use of shoes, our wisdom teeth do not ocuppy; these are examples that show that these bodies had an ancestral utility. The evolution will continue. The evolution will continue as we change our environment and, in turn, we do change; how will affect, I wonder, ultraviolet radiation to our body? Perhaps our skin to lose protection if we shut ourselves up in anti solar domes or maybe we can acquire protection exposing ourselves, generation after generation, to the sun.


apparently not b/c this question is asked here every day and yet people still fail to use the search function


yep, it's actually happening quicker than you think. people have become so fat that theit bodies are evolving to burn it quicker. Yep, that's right: we've become so fat that a process that ususally takes thousands to millions of years is happening in a matter of a few years.


all life is


Yes, but so unbelievably slow, you would not notice.

It takes some things thousands of years to evolve. I mean,we humans were once covered in hair - it must have taken thousands of years for it to disappear. And longer still for us to stand up and walk on two legs, instead of ambling along on 4.

It wouldn`t surprise me if in another few thousand years, we won`t have any hair on our heads either (if the human race is still around of course).