What comes to your mind when you observe the sky?

What comes to your mind when you observe the sky?


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I'm just blown away by the sky. I could lie in the grass and just watch it all day. It's awesome! And relaxing.


The tiny amount of distance between me and space and how clouds accept change continuously and how I wish I could be like that , when the wind blows the clouds its as if it is life changing us too.


It can be upsetting cause I can't touch it. When the color looks deep, it feels liberating.


I wish i could just reach up and brush it with my hand .....almost like the way we touch water. I just see it flowing on forever.

Also makes me confused about what's passed it. I s'pose that's why i want to brush it aside for a moment to see in-behind.

...? lol


A lot of things do, like how small we (all of us on earth) are so small and insignificant compared to the massive universe and all the things out there, and how there are probably a lot of other living things (or earth like planets) out there, and how it would majorly suck to be sucked into a black hole, and how many black holes are in with all those stars but we cant see them cause they are kind of invisible, and how there is really an american flag on our moon, and how the red star up there is mars, and how the big dipper is up there and I have the exact constellation of it on my arm. And how I get tripped out by a plane in the night sky sometimes and for a second think it may be another life forms mechanical flying device. I get tripped out quite often by the night sky.


He is there, somewhere, under the same sky... But I guess I'll never see him again...

It's amazing, how much is out there that I will never get to see, I mean, I haven't been in the other side of the planet, yet I want to travel to other galaxies...


When will I be able to get up there?