Can a newlywed's raging phermones rub off on an innocent third party?

I just went on vacation with my mom and my newly-married sister and BIL. They've been married about four months. As you can imagine, they were in full newlywed mode. It was cute, and I'm very happy for them, but I swear that their phermones were rubbing off on me.

What I mean is this. I was just horny beyond belief for the whole trip! I don't know what was wrong with me. I was eyeballing every moderately good-looking male from "hope he's legal" to "he's old enough to be my grandpa but dang he's hot!" I even woke up in the middle of the night molesting my pillow a couple of times! Could it be their fault? Was it a chemical reaction, or was it just seeing them all over each other all week make me want to be all over someone too?

Note: I was not thinking about them during these moments. I was thinking about the man I'm in love with, wishing he was there so I could have my way with him!

And sis, if you see this, I will kill you if you rat me out to Mom!

ETA: OMG! Yahoo suggested "Cycling" as the category, lol.


No, you're just a naturally lusty woman, who thought she'd have an innocent little vacation trip with some of your family. You thought your libidinous impulses would be stifled thereby; but surprise, surprise, they came out to bite you on the n*****es. So get to your beloved, and do what comes naturually with him ;-)

And.... for tomorrow --Happy Birthday ! LOL.


Lol... @ humping the pillows... Haven't done that since I realized there was "something" there...=)

Nor have I experienced such phenomenon as what you've experienced... Maybe we should find a way to "bottle that up"...


K, so ya know how some people are turned on by porn? People having sex, well maybe that was kind of like porn for you, except there was no nudity (you didn't see it, but we know they were and we all know they did 'it'.)


Everyone produces pheromones, and I don't think production is increased by events. "Raging hormones" you mean? But yes, you can smell other people's pheromones -- that is exactly what their purpose is.


Interesting question. Phermones? Just watching them interact? Or your awareness of what they were doing in their "spare" time? Who can say?