Should i do what someone dear to me once told me and only think about myself?

It was the last thing she said to me, i ve not seen her in about a year and it came of the fact i have trouble coming to terms with the way the world is, would it be better to ignore all the things in the world i hate and cannot change? I d feel like a coward for turning my back on these issues but i get sick of the pain they cause me.

Is it better to just lead my life, think i can't change anything bury my head in the sand and live the simple mans life? Or should i always stand up for what i believe in even when it is at the detriment of my mental health?


Well, avoid those things which are too much for you; as you get stronger you can face the issues...

Don't go into places that will ill affect you; find more positive things to be involved in until you can take the devil by the horns, but not in your own strength, the Lord's strength...

We can all do only so much in His strength as he leads us...ask Him to help you