My best friend has feelings for me, but I have a boyfriend?

Long story short, I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year and 6 months. Lately we've been having some ups and downs, but right now we're both happy.

My best friend and I are very close, and he's talked me through a few major relationship issues.

I found out that my best friend has feelings for me. We tease each other, and one time he gave me a shoulder massage, and another time he stroked my hair when I was upset. The problem is, I didn't mind. I wonder whether that is the norm for best friends, and whether it's wrong now that he has feelings for me.

I have very strong feelings for my boyfriend as well and I don't want to hurt either of them.

What I would like to do would be to stay with my boyfriend, stay friends with my best friend. Is that possible? Is it wrong to enjoy a shoulder massage when I'm with my best friend, or is that enough of a reason to break off a good relationship?


NOTHING ! Just be tolerant and patient. You enjoyed your shoulder massage and yet you do not like his traits !

Boy, just like having a cake,

you like the decorations, the candies and yet you want to savour and eat it, because it looks so delicious with the icing and the cream and all the strawberries and raspberries and chocklate, etc..... ( well, grow fat and worry about it later, after eating the cake ). The solution is get two cakes ( but it is only temporary ) the candies, cream and icing cant last forever, the dateline, and duration, kind of ....... ) what to do? cannot keep forever....... "well dont do anything", let nature take its course......

be tolerant and patient, and live with it......

Unless of course, ............

( you guessed it, but dont get it wrong and misunderstood .......)