Why are the British so condescending to us Americans?

I was playing Yugioh 5ds on Xbox live (It's an online video game with voice chat) with a 12 year old Brit and he started giving me attitude. He told me things like bloody yank, wanka, stoopid chav. He then started say spells from the Harry Potter movIes like leviotious invictous or something or other. With his finishing move he yelled out FOR THE QUEEN! EXCALIBUR! He then told me about how superior the Aston martin was to american cars and then he started to lecture me about history and culture and about the former British Empire. This kid was only 12 years old! What is this genetics to hate Americans?


You were not exactly dealing with the cream of British society, If you play with children what the hell do you expect?

And you wonder why many British people think many American people are stupid.…


i thought that was the french.


You should be ashamed of yourself for getting into a battle with a child.

They're just mad b/c we have better food and weather.

VVVV es verdad


Your generalizing all of the british because of one kid? That is not fair or logical.


That's what you get for playing that game.


what goes around comes around and you yanks have been making fun of people for ages so it's time for you to take the same medicine you give


No, I'm not Latina,but I know some Spanish.

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