Why shouldn't I commit suicide?

I'm pretty sure I have shizoprenia but, no one will believe me. I'm a Christian and I've prayed many times about many things. But, I didn't get any help. I just don't want to hurt people anymore. I try to control myself but, If I can't hurt others. I end up hurting myself. It's ethier I'm demon possessed or I have shizoprenia. Ethier way I can't kill myself right now because it's not in me. But, in time I might.


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You need professional help, not Y!A. Please don't kill yourself.


Theres way too many things to live for, you should just hang out with friends and maybe you should see a psychiatrists


demon possessed ? you've gotta be kidding me -___-


Well I wouldn't say you shouldn't, as such. What do you contribute to society? That's pretty important information if you want me to help with an answer to your question


Why do you feel this way? Has something happened in your life to make you think like that. Please seek out someone to go talk to. Don't continue to feel this way and not talk to someone. :)


If you truly believe you may do this at some point, I would suggest seeking some help now, while you are still aware that you need it. whether it is through seeing a professional therapist, a minister at your church, a counselor at school, or even a family member or friend, be proactive and get help.


its because you're asking a non-existing source for help. im sorry, but you can't depend on prayers. they always go unanswered, but thats no reason to give up. because theres always real people here willing to help. if you believe your schizo, talk to a doctor or a psychologist. they care and they can help. theres so much to live for, please seek help before making a decision you can never come back from.